Meet Gurpreet

 Waxing lyrical about life’s journey


Name: Gurpreet Kaur. Gurpreet means Love of Guru. I chose the pseudonym Gurps Kaur to sound a bit poetic.

Currently: I work as a Business Intelligence developer to pay the bills and recently discovered the poet in me!

Favourite colours: Yellow and red. favourite designer: Sabyasachi. As he says, I too believe that clothes should just be an extension of one’s intellect.

Favourite Bollywood star: Akshay Kumar.

Favourite Hollywood star: Adam Sandler.

Favourite movies: Queen and The Notebook.

Favourite singer: Arijit Singh.

Favourite song: Jo bheji thi dua from Shanghai. favourite tv show: 24.

Favourite ice cream flavour: Not an ice-cream person but I love malai kulfi. favourite cuisine: Indian.

Favourite restaurant: Tich.

Favourite sport: Basketball. favourite sportsperson: Kobe Bryant.

Favourite book: The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi.

Favourite activities: Early morning drives and enjoying solitude.

I hang out: Watching a movie in the theatre, or Netflix movie night with my two sons. I also love playing with my dog Cash.

I’m freaked out by: Spiders, centipedes and people who don’t understand good humour and sarcasm.

I need: To travel the world with my man!

I want to be: Always fit; physically and mentally.

My role models: Bhagat Puran Singh Ji.  Khushwant Singh described him as the “bearded Mother Teresa of Punjab”. Bhagat Ji is the most prominent Sikh hero of this century, whose canvas of contributions to the society is so large, that words can’t describe it.

Tips to save the planet: Start from the basics at home. Sort your garbage – landfill/ recycle/organic waste; and put them in the separate bins for pickup, or composting.

In a perfect world: There will be no racism, no poverty, no bloodshed for power, no rapes, no human trafficking – a world where people are compassionate and peaceful.



The words of Robert Frost

echo as I go off to sleep,

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

but I have promises to keep.”

“What are my promises?” I ask myself,

They bring back memories of time,

long forgone and left.

A daughter I was but roles quickly changed,

Became a wife, a mother

and promises rearranged.

From a girl to a woman I transformed,

Thus my promises and priorities again moved on.

The essence of life, I understood a while ago,

Is the only promise I don’t want to let go.

To remain content, happy

and to the ground glued,

Have heart in the right place

and my soul renewed.


Social Media



One can find an iPod in most homes,

iPad too and multiple phones.

Social media has become today’s face,

many new apps introduced

daily in this race.

WhatsApp, Insta, Twitter and Facebook

has kept everyone on the hook.

Forget we should not, the personal

touch or through our comments have people judge us.

To use in moderation and not go overboard,

ignore loved ones and hobbies you adored.

Parents, children and spouse need your attention and not posts with pouts.

Go and hug them – give them time

Yes, my dear, rise and shine!


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