A rejuvenation of body and mind with Ayurveda

Image by  NICOLE DE KHORS  from Burst

Image by NICOLE DE KHORS from Burst


The traditional healing system of Indian Ayurveda treats the person holistically to prevent and manage diseases. Physiologically, the system of an individual undergoes several changes during different stages of life, during different parts of the day and night and during different seasons. 

The body has an inbuilt power of resistance to overcome some of these minor changes; but if these changes become significant, the imbalance caused results in many illnesses. 

To promote the resistance power of the body, to correct already manifested imbalances, Ayurveda suggested several measures. 

Abayanga or whole body warm oil massage is one such measure, described as a preparatory therapy before administering Panchakarma – a specialized detox procedures as well as a distinct therapy. 

It is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and wellbeing.

The cleansing therapies are recommended on seasonal basis, as well as to correct the imbalances. Spring and Fall are the best season to advocate these therapies for the prevention and maintenance.

Benefits of Abayanga:

Relaxing and rejuvenating.

Prevents and cures disorders of joints and nervous system. 

Provides energy through the day and promotes stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep. 

Enhances the complexion and lustre of the skin. 

Promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body.

Helps release deep-seated toxins for elimination from the body. 

Helps balance the emotions and keep the mind calm yet focused and alert. 

 How can a ritual so luxuriously relaxing, so blissfully comforting, rev up your body and mind gearing them up for peak performance? There is an explanation for the seeming contradiction. Accumulated stress and toxins dissolve during the oil massage. A frequent warm oil massage therefore acts as a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of body and mind. 

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