Soccer player scores a hit


Name: Kulstarr. It comes from playing football! Pure and simple. When you play with my friends, whether it’s a one-off or regular – you are given a nickname. And that’s one of my better names, believe me!


Currently:  I went to university and did a BA (Hons) in Business Management, then went on to do a Masters in HR Management whilst at the same time getting chartered with the CIPD. I almost enrolled into a PhD, however my future was not in further studying or finding a job... I knew that I wanted to follow my dream with music. So I took a leap of faith. Now let’s see where it takes me! I was very lucky that my recent releases such as Kangani and Sardari became popular amongst the audience and saw my music being playlisted on radio. I am very grateful for receiving interview invites across various radio stations in the UK and making an appearance on Sky TV. Now I have a new track. This time, teaming up with the hugely talented Punjab-based singer Mahiraj. Our previous collaboration, Tera Mera Sajna, which was a mashup cover between Tera mera pyar by Kumar Sanu and Sajna ve sajna by Gurdas Mann, had a wonderful response. We felt it was only right to collaborate once again to bring a cover of the Noor Jehan classic – Gallan goorian – but with a unique Kulstarr-style twist. The music, artwork, and video have all been put together by myself.

Favourite colour: Blue.

Favourite designer: Kulstarr’s very own clothing brand of course, as featured in my new video! I’m very sporty, so I love my tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.

Favourite Bollywood star: Shah Rukh Khan. All his films were amazing when I was growing up!

Favourite Hollywood star: Will Smith. favourite movie: Rocky (the whole series).

Favourite singers: Gurdas Maan, Kuldeep Manak, Jazzy B, Ammy Virk, Dr Dre, Tupac, Oasis, Tinie Tempah, Craig David, John Legend...too many to name them all! favourite song: Gurdas Mann’s Sajna ve sajna.

Favourite TV show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  

Favourite ice cream flavour: Cookie dough!  

Favourite cuisines: I love my Indian, American and Italian cuisines.  

Favourite restaurants: Asha’s, TGIs and Wildwood. favourite sport: Football.  

Favourite sportsperson: Steven Gerrard.

Favourite book: The Mike Tyson autobiography is amazing. 

Favourite activities: Football, photography/filmmaking and going to the gym!

I hang out:  My friends and I love food and a game of pool. So you’ll always catch us eating somewhere – especially mixed grills! If not, we’re having a game of football or enjoying a FIFA night!

I need: Coffee. The morning just does not begin without it!

I want to be: Always able to have the will and desire to chase my dreams.

My role models: Dr Dre. From what he came from, what he worked for, the self-belief in the talent he had, and what he went on to become was incredible. And Steven Gerrard. A leader of leaders. The most incredible player I’ve seen in real life.

Tips to save the planet: Start bike-riding! I love it and it is a great way to get exercise on the go!

In a perfect world: I could be travelling around the world nonstop and being able to eat anything without worrying about calories! 

Gallan Gooriyan is available on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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