Resources HELP visible minority newcomer women OVERCOME BARRIERS


Image by: SAJJAD HUSSAIN M from Burst

The government of Canada is committed to ensuring that newcomers have the support and services they need to make the most of their talents and experience in order to fully integrate and contribute to the Canadian economy and to their communities.

Newcomer women who are members of a visible minority group may face multiple barriers to success, including gender- and race-based discrimination, precarious or low income employment, lack of affordable childcare and weak social supports.

Identifying IRCC-funded service providers that are already offering strong programming for women and giving them additional funding will provide an immediate boost in capacity to support visible minority newcomer women.

The YWCA of Greater Toronto runs programming that equips new-comer women and female youth with the skills, connections and support they need to enter the labour market and contribute to the economy. 

Services include essential skills training, networking, volunteering, work placements and preparation for the credential assessment process. 

As a women-specific organization, the YWCA provides a safe envi-ronment and opportunity for women to voice their needs. 

YWCA staff are well aware of women’s needs and have extensive experience serving women in the community.

And this additional funding of $310,000 will support them in serving more visible minority newcomer women.

IRCC will provide up to $7 million in funding over the next three years for new, innovative programs and services to support visible minority women in accessing the labour market and to build capacity in smaller organizations that serve or are led by visible minority women.

“As part of the Visible Minority Newcomer Women Pilot, I’m happy to announce additional funding for the YWCA of Greater Toronto’s emp-loyment services,” said Kirsty Duncan, Ontario minister of Science and Sport. 

“This increase in funding will allow this organization to increase their capacity to serve more visible minority newcomer women in Toronto.”

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