A celebration of light and colour


Name: Mehtaab Kaur Wachhair. It is a Persian word. Meh means moon and taab means light – so, Light of the Moon. Kaur means Queen.

Currently: I work with the Peel Board as an early childhood educator. Also a highly passionate freelance artist with over 20 years of experience and a long list of recognized qualifications. I use clay, textiles, papier-mache, oil paint and watercolours, etc., to create handicrafts, murals, ceramics, pots, and other items for exhibitions or sale. I  am a Bachelor of Fine Arts and have a Masters in History of Art. I have organized various workshops in painting as well as art summer camps, trained newly appointed arts teachers, and also take art classes with various age groups. I also engage myself in paint-nites and birthday parties. My works are displayed in restaurants, public organizations and in private collections. I am honoured to showcase 31 of my paintings for a music book, Namo-Geet Geetay. I was part of an exchange artist workshop at Shropshire (UK) and have won various awards at college and state level. Through my artwork, I want to make a difference and bring happiness in people’s life.

Favourite colour: I like all the colours as painting is never complete without the blend of various colours on an artist’s palette.

Favourite outfit: Salwar-kameez.

Favourite Bollywood star: Aamir Khan.

Favourite hollywood star: Julia Roberts.

Favourite movies: Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots.

Favourite singer: Sonu Nigam.

Favourite song: Jab koi baat bigad jaye...

Favourite tv show: The Kapil Sharma Show.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Vanilla.

Favourite cuisine: Chinese.

Favourite restaurant: Brar Sweets and Restaurant.

Favourite sport: Cricket.

Favourite sportsperson: Sachin Tendulkar.

Favourite author: Robert Munsch.

Favourite activities: Cooking and playing with children.

I hang out: With my family.

I’m freaked out by: Lizards.

I need: Positivity around me.

I want to be: A full-time freelance artist.

My role models: My parents. They have always been on my side as I choose whatever career I want to pursue.


Tips to save the planet: Plant more trees, recycle, reduce, reuse.

For Diwali: As always, we’ll exchange gifts and do a family get-together.

In a perfect world: There would be love for everyone and hatred for none.

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